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Making Your Dreams a Reality



Business Consulting: Ready to start a business but don't know where to begin, then KrysLene Holdings LLC are the people you need to see. KL Consult can assist from beginning to end.

Event Space: Need a place to have a seminar, concvention, brunch, lunch, dinner, party, etc, then contact KrysLene Holdings LLC and inquire about The Gala Event Center. 




KrysLene Holdings LLC services all people regardless of race, gender, sex or religion. We are here to meet the needs of all of our clients without discrimination or biasness.


KrysLene Holdings LLC was founded in 2021 by two educators based out of Houston, Tx. During COVID, the educators decided to expand their horizons and share their knowledge to those outside of the classroom. From that thought process, KrysLene Holdings LLC was formed.

KrysLene Holding LLC is the parent company to several business ventures. 

KL Consulting educates everyday people on how to start a business from scratch and build business credit. It walks client through the entire process and continues to offer continuing education after the business is up and running.

The Gala Event Center is a first-class event space based in Houston, TX, USA that
offers unique and personalized service to all clients. In addition to offering a space to
host a plethora of events, The Gala Event Center provides event coordination, excellent
customer service and a database of preferred event vendors to streamline the client's
event planning process.